Contact Me

I love to get emails from people who read my blog. If you have something to say, I want to hear it!

Ok, if you have something really horrible to say, I probably DON’T want to hear it and will most likely delete your email and alternate between crying and drinking for the rest of the day. But, you are free to say it anyhow because I need a reality check once in a while.

So, feel free to send your kind and not so kind words to adhoffmaster at yahoo dot com and I will take your theories into consideration. I may ignore them.

For any advertising professionals that stumble upon my blog and think I am cool, I may or may not be interested in working with you. Check out my attempts at green and healthy living at Turning the Clock Back and my attempts at surviving the insanity that is suburban life at Suburbia Unwrapped.

If you are looking for a snail mail address so you can send fan mail, sorry but that data is not available to the general public unless you want to send me a winning lottery ticket.