Getting Old Sucks and Other Lessons I Learned Last Year

This morning I started to get ready to go to the gym and I threw out my back putting on my pants.  Yes, I managed to hurt myself without doing anything more strenuous than lifting a leg and I have decided that getting old sucks. Once upon a time, I hiked 7 miles up into the White Mountains with a full weekend worth of gear on my back without injury.  Now I succumb to injury just trying to get dressed in the morning. Life Lessons from Middle Age Oh how far I have fallen since my college days.  I may not be quite as agile as I once was but I think my 40's have brought me a whole lot more wisdom than I had when I was in my 20's.   I could care less about designing the best outfit of the day. Pajamas are totally acceptable to wear to the grocery store.  … [Read more...]

Hormones and holidays just don’t mix

The last month or so has been an emotional roller coaster than I am more than ready to get off of.  Seems like middle aged metabolism has been joined by premenopausal hormones and resulted in one seriously off kilter mom.  I seem to spend more time crying than I do eating lately. Thanks to that little molecule called estrogen I still end up packing on the pounds and making my way through a box of tissues at an alarming rate.  I cry over Publix commercials.  I cry because my children are teenagers and no longer believe in Santa. I cry because there is dust on my desk and I have yet to find time to clean it.  Yes, I have cried over dust.  Someone please tell me that this hormonal maelstrom will die down soon! I have always been a bit more emotional over the holidays.  I extend myself too … [Read more...]

I am Emotionally Attached to a Swingset

I have become emotionally attached to  a lot of things over the years . My parents...yup, kind of love them.  Amazed they put up with me for so long.  My husband?  Of him, too, especially when he brings me home chocolate from Europe.  The kids?  Definitely.  Even if they do annoy the crap out of me on a regular basis.  Apparently I also have extremely strong feelings for my kids swing-set, even though they haven't played on it in 5 years. You may be ugly but I still love you! Emotionally Attached to a Swingset? Yeah, so? Alex and I seem to disagree about the continued presence of my children's swing-set in the back yard.  This is a swing-set that my father helped him build for our children when we first moved into this house 10 years ago.  Our children were 5 and 3 at … [Read more...]

Skinny shaming, body image and All About That Bass

A few weeks ago I came across an upbeat new song called All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor.  As the mom of a tween girl I thought it would be something she would really enjoy and honestly, I loved both the song and the music video.  Yes, I know...maybe 40 something moms shouldn't enjoy pop music but let me tell you that beat really gets me moving when I work out!  The tween loved the song, thought the video was cute and like a good mom we actually discussed the lyrics and what they meant.  Or, what *I* thought they meant!  The message I got from it was to be happy with your body even if you aren't a size 2.  That what YOU may think of as fat is really a perfectly healthy weight.  We don't need photo shopped perfection in magazines and so what if your butt is just a tad bit … [Read more...]

Zumba is like Clubbing for Middle Aged People without the Alcohol

I hate exercise.  My husband insists that if I just do it long enough or hard enough I will find some euphoric place where exercise is more exciting than winning lottery tickets, hot fudge sundaes or sex.  Not matter how often I force myself to do it, I just don't get high off sweat and pain.  I decided that in order to force myself to exercise more I needed some guilt. I am now the proud owner of one gym membership that I am wasting PAYING $30 a month for.  If I don't go a few times a week I feel guilty so off I trudge with my headphones and gym bag to torture myself for an hour.   Zumba: Exercise Craze or Girls Night Out? One of the perks of my gym membership is access to a number of workout classes. Lovely!   Organized group exercise where we can … [Read more...]