Things that are NOT ruining your marriage

I've been married for a lot of years.  So many years that I admit that I frequently forget exactly how many.  I often have to look at the embroidered wall sign my sister made for us to remember the exact date we tied the knot.  We've been married long enough that taking out the trash is a romantic gesture and I am perfectly happy to get appliances for Christmas.  Nothing says true love like a toaster oven, right? I have learned, over the years, that marriage is a shit ton of work.  If you think marriage is hearts and flowers and batting your eyelashes at each other and waking up to phenomenal morning sex you are either delusional or still on your honeymoon.  A successful marriage requires you to work your ass off on so many levels it is like an Olympic sport.  So, when I see things … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones and the Definition of Kinky

Let me just state for the record that I have no idea what the Game of Thrones is.  Okay, that's not totally true.  I know it's a TV show.  Is it an actual game?  Are there real thrones involved? I have no clue.  However, apparently my teenage son's friends are watching it.  Thus said the boy child when he brought me the Game of Thrones BOOK that he wanted to buy at the bookstore. Like any good clueless mother I decided to Google 'Should my teenage son read the Game of Thrones book'.  I may be ignorant but I am resourceful! Are there real thrones in the Game of Thrones? What did the Oh Mighty Google tell me about this book?  Apparently there is graphic incest and twisted violence in this lovely book.  I'm curious if my son's friends PARENTS know that their kids are reading this?  One … [Read more...]