Fresh Corn Fritter Recipe and a Lesson in Flexibility

This fresh corn fritter recipe is loaded with corn right off the cob. Add red onion, parsley, and plenty of cheese to the mix for a crispy outside and flavorful inside! Cheesy corn fritters are a vegetable, right? So, I am trying to eat more vegetables but it's hard.  I don't have any desire to snack on them and I'm not eating them for breakfast so that leaves lunch and dinner.   I am trying to serve TWO vegetables with dinner to increase our veggie intake.  But, I really just crave CARBS and not fresh vegetables some days.  So, these crispy corn fritters are my balance between fresh vegetable and soul satisfying carb heavy side dish! Homemade corn fritter ingredients are totally flexible! So, my corn recipe search started simply enough.  I had … [Read more...]

Easy Hamburger Beef Stroganoff Recipe

This easy hamburger beef stroganoff recipe takes 20 minutes to make and is a huge hit with the teens. Cooked ground beef is seasoned, tossed with cooked pasta, and made creamy with sour cream and cream of mushroom soup.  Add fresh parsley to garnish if desired. Total comfort food that will feed a hungry family.   Tips for Making Homemade Beef Stroganoff While not overly healthy, this is one of my families favorite ground beef recipes. And I love that it takes about 20 minutes to make. Happy mom, happy family. So, here are a few basic tips for making this beef stroganoff with sour cream: I use elbow macaroni.  They cook fast and since they are small, everything holds well together. Use a lean ground beef.   If you don’t, make sure to drain the … [Read more...]