I am Emotionally Attached to a Swingset

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I have become emotionally attached to  a lot of things over the years . My parents…yup, kind of love them.  Amazed they put up with me for so long.  My husband?  Of course…love him, too, especially when he brings me home chocolate from Europe.  The kids?  Definitely.  Even if they do annoy the crap out of me on a regular basis.  Apparently I also have extremely strong feelings for my kids swing-set, even though they haven’t played on it in 5 years.

You may be ugly but I still love you!

I am Emotionally Attached to a SwingsetEmotionally Attached to a Swingset? Yeah, so?

Alex and I seem to disagree about the continued presence of my children’s swing-set in the back yard.  This is a swing-set that my father helped him build for our children when we first moved into this house 10 years ago.  Our children were 5 and 3 at the time and as a stay at home mom, that swingset got a LOT of use over the years.  The children would play for hours in the sand box, arguing about whether or not matchbox cars or Littlest Pet Shop animals should get more space in the sand castle.  Our backyard swing set saw a lot of activity!.  Our backyard swing set saw a lot of activity!.

They learned how to make the swing ‘go’ out there in my back yard…pumping their little legs as hard as they could to go higher than their sibling.

When they got older, they learned that the swing-set could be climbed on top of and wasn’t it hilarious the way mom freaked out when they did THAT!

But now, that wooden play structure sits lonely and neglected in my back yard.  The slide is weathered with age, the rock climbing wall is missing a few notches, and the steps have become a safety issue.  The most use it got this year was as a support system for my tomato vines.

So why does the thought of taking it down make me want to cry?

And I don’t mean the vague “Oh, that’s sort of sad” kind-of feeling, either.  I have actually CRIED over a swing-set.  Multiple times, I might add, over the last two weeks.  I cannot seem to look out into the backyard and consider the swing-set coming down without my throat closing up and tears forming in my eyes.

I’m blaming it on the hormones.

I just don’t know WHICH hormones.  Are these the hormones that kick in every month like clockwork or is this some wild hormone surge signifying the onset of menopause? I can deal with a couple weeks of pre period hormones but my mother was in menopause for 10 years!

I kid you not!  From start to finish she said the process took about 10 years.

If this emotional attachment to a swing-set is due to a 10 year hormonal imbalance, my marriage is screwed.  I have a lot of shit in this house that my husband wants to get rid of.

Next thing you know, I will be attached to the toddler step stool I still have in the bathroom even though my kids are teenagers.

Yes, I still have a toddler step stool.  Nobody better suggest getting rid of it either!

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