Kitchen Table Memories to Last a Lifetime

Our kitchen table is starting to show it's age.  The grout between the tiles is getting dirty and harder to keep clean.  There are paint stains from art projects gone wrong and initials carved into it from a small boy who knew better but couldn't help himself.  It isn't quite big enough for us any more and on more than one occasion the teenagers fight over leg space.  I stare at that kitchen table some days and think that we desperately need to replace. And then the hormones kick in and the emotional roller coaster hits. I can't bear to part with such a sentimental object. Yes, I am getting weepy over a table. The family that eats together.... The kitchen table was always a place for asking questions, and not always appropriate ones.  One morning, over a bowl … [Read more...]

Hormones and holidays just don’t mix

The last month or so has been an emotional roller coaster than I am more than ready to get off of.  Seems like middle aged metabolism has been joined by premenopausal hormones and resulted in one seriously off kilter mom.  I seem to spend more time crying than I do eating lately. Thanks to that little molecule called estrogen I still end up packing on the pounds and making my way through a box of tissues at an alarming rate.  I cry over Publix commercials.  I cry because my children are teenagers and no longer believe in Santa. I cry because there is dust on my desk and I have yet to find time to clean it.  Yes, I have cried over dust.  Someone please tell me that this hormonal maelstrom will die down soon! I have always been a bit more emotional over the holidays.  I extend myself too … [Read more...]

I am Emotionally Attached to a Swingset

I have become emotionally attached to  a lot of things over the years . My parents...yup, kind of love them.  Amazed they put up with me for so long.  My husband?  Of him, too, especially when he brings me home chocolate from Europe.  The kids?  Definitely.  Even if they do annoy the crap out of me on a regular basis.  Apparently I also have extremely strong feelings for my kids swing-set, even though they haven't played on it in 5 years. You may be ugly but I still love you! Emotionally Attached to a Swingset? Yeah, so? Alex and I seem to disagree about the continued presence of my children's swing-set in the back yard.  This is a swing-set that my father helped him build for our children when we first moved into this house 10 years ago.  Our children were 5 and 3 at … [Read more...]