Zumba is like Clubbing for Middle Aged People without the Alcohol

I hate exercise.  My husband insists that if I just do it long enough or hard enough I will find some euphoric place where exercise is more exciting than winning lottery tickets, hot fudge sundaes or sex.  Not matter how often I force myself to do it, I just don't get high off sweat and pain.  I decided that in order to force myself to exercise more I needed some guilt. I am now the proud owner of one gym membership that I am wasting PAYING $30 a month for.  If I don't go a few times a week I feel guilty so off I trudge with my headphones and gym bag to torture myself for an hour.   Zumba: Exercise Craze or Girls Night Out? One of the perks of my gym membership is access to a number of workout classes. Lovely!   Organized group exercise where we can … [Read more...]