To Judge is Human. To Keep Your Mouth Shut is Polite.

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There are a lot of opinionated people in this world.  To find them, all you have to do is scroll through Facebook for a few minutes.  People on Facebook have opinions on all sorts of things and they are more than willing to share them with you.  Whether you want those opinions or not.  See a good recipe?  Bet there are people who think it looks disgusting.  Come across a news report of a child who was abducted?  I’m sure at least one person accused the parent of neglecting the child which thus resulted in the child being stolen.  Love that Target is taking away ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ labels off it’s toy section?  Boy are there a LOT of people who hate that decision.  And they will let their voices be heard.

To Judge is Human.  To Keep Your Mouth Shut is Polite.
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We judge people and situations all the time.  We think THAT mom is a slacker because she is ignoring her child at the park.  We judge teens who go to school with their boobs hanging out.  And we judge their parents for letting them get away with it.  We judge bottle feeding moms, kids with behavior problems and the neighbor for not cutting their grass often enough.  We stand in judgement of just about everyone nowadays.

I see people in Facebook threads yelling at one another to ‘Stop Judging’.  We are told, basically, to stop having opinions on other people’s behavior.  That is completely unrealistic.  Humans are creatures with thoughts and emotions.  We cannot control the things that pop in our head when we see a person or situation that catches our eye.  To look at a child throwing a tantrum in Target and demand that our heads and hearts stay totally blank is unrealistic. We judge one another and it is a natural phenomena.

To Judge is Human.  To Keep Your Mouth Shut is Polite.

To Judge is Human.  To Keep Your Mouth Shut is Polite.
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While judging one another is somewhat uncontrollable, we DO have control over how we act.  Think YOUR child would never throw such a hissy fit in Target?  Maybe they wouldn’t.  But instead of turning your nose up at that struggling mom, how about just give her a smile and tell her ‘It will get better, I promise’.

Come across a recipe filled with artificial crap that you would never feed your kids?  Instead of posting a nasty comment about how THAT mom is poisoning her kid…maybe just click the ‘next’ button and move on to the next recipe.  Yes, you judged that mom…but you kept that opinion to yourself and didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

To Judge is Human.  To Keep Your Mouth Shut is Polite.
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We pass judgement on others daily but rather than demanding that everyone ‘stop judging’ how about we ask that people just keep their mouths shut about the situation. Even with the relative anonymity of social media, do you really need to say something hurtful just because you CAN?

Remember what your mom used to tell you:  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.



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